The HERMES Consortium

The HERMES consortium comprised 50 partners including 9 small companies, from 17 European and neighbouring countries. The partners included small and large institutions and both universities and government laboratories.  Partners in the HERMES consortium are listed below. Click on the logo to link to their website.

Academic partners
NERC/National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK
[Project Co-ordinators]

Royal NIOZ, The Netherlands

University of Barcelona, Spain
Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Greece


Alfred Wegner Institute, Germany
University of Tromsø, Norway

National University of Ireland Galway
University of Erlangen, Germany

University of Gent, Belgium
CSIC, Spain

CoNISMa, Italy
Max Planck Institute, Germany

Instituto Hidrografico, Portgual

International University Bremen, Germany
University of Bremen, Germany

University of Wales, Cardiff
Institute of Marine research, Norway

University of Goteborg, Sweden
University of Southampton, UK

OGS, Italy
University of Birmingham, UK

Netherlands Institute for Ecology
University of Aberdeen, UK

University of Liverpool, UK
DEU Institute of Marine Science and Technology, Turkey

Scottish Association for Marine Science, UK
University of Aveiro, Portugal

GeoEcoMar, Romania
Intergovermental Oceanographic Commision/UNESCO

University of Pierre and Marie Curie, France
University Bretagne Occidentale, France

Institut Scientifique Rabat, Morocco
Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, Ukraine
The Shirshov Institute, Russia
Odessa National University, Ukraine
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
United Nations Environment Programme

Challenger Oceanic, UK
Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research, Norway

Praesentis, Spain

[no website]

Median, Spain

MMCD, Germany
Olex AS, Norway

ArchimediX, Germany
Proteus, France

Jobin Yvon, Spain

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